Stockholm landmarks

The pearl of Scandinavia, the main jewel of Northern Europe - this is what fabulous Stockholm is called. The city is located on fourteen green islands washed by the waters of the Baltic Sea, so you can hear a comic statement from the locals that Stockholm consists of half water and half green. Stockholm's sights are a special topic, because the history of the city goes back almost 8 centuries, and during this time the city has become a real treasury, where ancient museums and galleries, churches and palaces alternate with flowering parks and paved squares. The picturesque city of Scandinavia, the birthplace of great scientists and fairy-tale characters Astrid Lindgren finds his guest, and everyone knows in advance for what purpose he is going to the city and what to see in Stockholm.

Globene Arena

The sports stadium of the city, which was designed in its original spherical shape, is one of the structures of the Swedish Solar System project. The essence of this plan is that spherical structures representing the planets of our solar system are being erected throughout the country. Globen Arena symbolizes the sun. In addition to sports, various concerts and other large-scale events are held in this building. The dimensions of the structure are impressive - the diameter is 110 meters, and you can even climb to its 85-meter height by a special funicular.

Ethnographic Museum Skansen

It is difficult to imagine that visiting just one exhibition in Stockholm is enough to form an idea of all of Sweden at once, its history and customs of the people. To do this, it is worth walking through the territories of the Skansen Ethnographic Museum, which is a large-scale open-air exhibition that reflects the essence of Sweden in miniature. Buildings and constructions from different eras were brought to the spacious museum square from different parts of the country - a total of one and a half hundred houses, farms and estates from different parts of Sweden are displayed.


Amusement park Gröna Lund

One of the oldest amusement parks is still very popular among citizens and visitors alike. It is located right on the coast of the Djurgarden Peninsula, and its age is more than 130 years old. In those years, a German entrepreneur rented a plot for the park on which he established the first attractions. Today, in addition to traditional attractions, such as carousels, laughter rooms or roller coasters, there are modern Scandinavian-style entertainment - the “Ghost House” with trolls and other otherworldly creatures, the tower simulating a free fall, or the “Viking Ship” imitating rocking on sea waves.


Old Town - Gamla Stan

The historical heart of the city of Gamla Stan is a true storehouse of the best sights of Stockholm. This is the guests favorite area of ​​the city, which attracts centuries-old historical secrets, cobbled medieval streets and colorful old houses. It was here that in the 13th century the first fortress was founded, with which the glorious history of the Swedish capital began. From the 14th century, for about 3 centuries, Stockholm was an important center of trade, and many structures that survived to our times were erected here. Most of them belong to the period of construction of the 15-18 centuries, among them - the most famous Royal Palace, the central square of Stortorget and the Great Church.

Ship Museum Vasa

Vasa is not only one of the most visited museums in the country, it is a real ship of the 17th century, which, being first launched, almost immediately sank without preserving stability. The wreck of the ship was an example of unreasonable leadership - King Gustav ordered to equip his brainchild with large-scale weapons, whose impressive weight fatally affected the fate of the ship and its crew. As soon as Vasa began to leave their bays in open space, the first gust of wind heaved him so that he immediately began to fall on his side and quickly sink. The sunken ship lay at the bottom until 1961, when it was decided to make a museum out of it.